Innovative Cluster for District Heating





FleksEnergi – District Heating Cluster in North Denmark

North Denmark is a dynamic lab for developing new innovative solutions within district heating, and FleksEnergi is the cluster that facilitates new partnerships between members.

Get Connected
Through FleksEnergi, you will be connected to not only a large number of world-class experts within district heating but you will also have access to extensive intelligence and practical experience within the field of energy systems. FleksEnergi is a unique constellation where scientists, businesses, and district heating plants come together and develop the district heating systems of tomorrow. 

Expertise Across Borders
To the advantage of district heating systems beyond the borders of Denmark, the members of FleksEnergi are ready to share their know-how and to implement state-of-the-art solutions abroad as well. In other words, our expertise is available to you.

A Shared Goal
FleksEnergi is a partnership between the City of Aalborg, the North Denmark Region, Aalborg University, district heating plants, and local companies within district heating. Our common objective, to phase out fossil fuels in favour of sustainable energy sources, not only accommodates the region’s collective, ambitious environmental goals, but it has also sparked a green district heating industry with enormous potential.

Implementing Green District Heating

Get to know four successful district heating plants. In this pamphlet, you will learn more about four successful district heating plants, their sources of green energy, and the member companies that provide the products to materialize our energy visions. 

If you want to receive the pamphlet please contact the Secretariat.

List of members


AB Kransystem
AB Kransystem distributes ABUS Kransysteme GmbH’s products in Denmark covering the complete industrial need for supplying and servicing standard cranes with a lifting capacity between 80 kg and 120 tons.
Behind AB Kransystem are crane specialists who through many years have sold and serviced ABUS Crane Systems in Denmark.

ABB’s SRO-systems, engines, frequency transformers, instruments, and services all help optimise the effect of district heating and district cooling systems.
Our department in Aalborg is specialised in all types of servicing on rotating, electrical machines including error diagnostics, maintenance, balancing of all types of rotating machines both in our workshop and on-site, levelling of major machinery, vibration analysis as well as thermal foaming. Also, we carry out maintenance on frequency transformers and upgrade control systems, antivirus maintenance, data reporting, counselling, education, and of course offer 24-hour service in case of emergency.

Agro2Business Aps
Agro2Business ApS aims to invent and develop new technologies in cooperation with universities to help the agricultural industry. The technologies which we find throughout the world and the subsequent development of these must be usable in the primary sector by the farmer, but also in the linked food industry, where the processing takes place. The idea is to make a positive contribution to the bottom line, either directly to the farmer’s production or indirectly to the processing industry that is based on the food that the agricultural industry produces.

Aktive Energi Anlæg
Aktive Energi Anlæg is a consulting engineering company specialised in planning and constructing customised energy plants and efficient solutions for combined heating plants.
They develop their clients’ energy systems to keep them up-to-date and economically viable. To achieve this, they take on the role as consultant, discussion partner, challenger, and project manager on all projects.

Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S
Alfa Laval is a Swedish-owned global group represented on six continents in 100 countries with 18.000 employees worldwide, including approximately 1.800 in Denmark of which 450 work in Aalborg.
Alfa Laval in Aalborg is engaged in the development, production, sales, and servicing of boilers, burners, heat exchangers, scrubbers for flue gas cleaning, and Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) systems for ships and industries worldwide.
In 2014 a new test center at Alfa Laval Aalborg opened where Alfa Laval tested equipment from the marine division. In popular terms the test center is a ship engine room located on land allowing to simulate all operating situations that are likely to occur at sea – processes are optimized, the amount of fuel is reduced, and greener and environmentally friendly technologies are developed for the shipping industry.
The engine in the test center runs a 1,85MW generator, and electricity is sold to Himmerlands Energy. 1.000 hours of operation at varying load generates electricity equivalent to the yearly consumption of 375 families. In addition, heat is delivered to the local district heating network to cover 100 families’ consumption. You can read more about Alfa Laval’s marine solutions here

Arcon-Sunmark A/S
Arcon-Sunmark is the world’s leading supplier of large-scale solar thermal installations. Collectors and design have been developed specifically to produce the high temperatures required in connection with e. g. district heating and process heating, and with our thorough installation and quality assurance procedures we provide a quick and smooth construction of the installations. The big solar collectors (13,57 sqm) are tested in all phases with full traceability, and all installations are designed for the specific assignment in order to offer the flexibility needed to optimize the individual solutions.
Arcon-Sunmark has supplied more than 700.000 sqm collectors which corresponds to far more than half of all large-scale solar heating installations in the word (>1.000 sqm), and we have supplied the biggest installations in the world in sizes up to 70.000 sqm.

BelmaFlex A/S
BelmaFlex is very experienced in developing and manufacturing high-quality joints and fittings for preinsulated pipe systems.
Our products are made with the most modern and ecofriendly technology.

Berima plast ApS
Berima A/S is one of Denmark’s largest producers of injection moulded parts for preinsulated district heating pipes.
Berima A/S is e.g. known for quick and precise delivery of:

–     Center rings
–     Pipe caps
–     Splash barriers
–     Ventilation plugs
–     Wire clips
Today, the company has 25 employees who each day help secure an optimal production and product development, and thus the company’s market position.

C.F. Nielsen A/S
C.F. Nielsen is one of the world’s leading producers of mechanical briquetting presses. C. F. Nielsen offers briquetting solutions for both industrial and private customers worldwide.

Cimbria A/S 
Cimbria is one of the world’s leading producers within processing, handling, and storage of grain and seed, and increasingly other products. We offer projecting and process control, as well as the development, manufacture and installation of individual machines, customised systems, and complete turnkey plants.

CLAMATEK is experienced in laying down pipes for geothermal heating. The company works in the Northern region of Denmark and makes about 35 installations per year. This is why Clamatek can install pipes for geothermal heating in the right quality at the right price.
If you are planning a new terrace, driveway or garden, you need a machine operator who can help you with the hard work. We provide digging, paving, levelling, and more.
CLAMATEK offers customised machine solutions. Perhaps you are in need of a particular machine that can help your landscaping or farming business or any other type of industry where stable machines are needed.

Conscius A/S

Dall Energy
Dall Energy is an innovative engineering company that has a vision to develop, implement, and improve energy technologies based on biomass. Dall Energy’s key product is our award-winning biomass furnace, which gives customers a range of benefits including:

  • Large fuel flexibility
  • Ultra low emissions (dust, CO, NOx)
  • Business: 10-100%
  • Stable operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Less space

There are 3 Dall Energy furnaces in operation:

  • Sønderborg District Heating (2015)
  • Warwick Mills (2014)
  • Bogense District (2012)

Danfoss Redan

Danish Clean Water
Danish Clean Water A/S is an innovative engineering company. We offer green, efficient, and economic solutions that fight bacteria and biofilm in water supplies. Since 2008 Danish Clean Water have produced on-site disinfection systems for the supply, food production and industry. Our specialty is control of legionella, and our solutions are suitable for municipalities, hospitals, sports facilities, housing associations, and others responsible for users and residents.

Danish Crane Building
Danish Crane Building A/S supplies cranes for handling biofuel. This could be straw, woodchip, waste, wood pellets, and more. The cranes are PLC-controlled making them 100 % automatic. This is also why we call them robotic cranes. We have delivered more than 200 fully automatic crane systems for district heating plants domestic and abroad.

Dan-Iso A/S
Customer groups:
· Technical insulation
· District heating
· Oil & Offshore
· Industrial insulation

· Pipe sections
· All special tasks in cutting and gluing
· Installation foam
· Product development in close cooperation with our clients
· Certainty of delivery and flexibility

Dansepsolar ApS
Dansepsolar was founded in 2005 and is as such a new company, but we have more than 20 years of expericence with effect electronics, inverter technology, power construction, and project management. Dansepsolar handles all aspects of solar cell projects, both small and large projects for both private and business clients.
Dansepsolar offers quality solutions at competitive prices. Dansepsolar only wishes to sell quality components, combined for the optimal price and effect.

Dansk Vindenergi ApS
Dansk Vindenergi ApS develops and carries out wind turbine projects in Denmark. We handle authorisation and construction for the individual wind turbine project. 
The company has a portfolio of its own wind turbines and has a yearly electrical production corresponding to the usage in approx. 14,500 Danish houses.

For all types of heating plants, DESMI has many years of experience in supplying energy-efficient pump solutions, providing sustainable energy. DESMI’s district heating programme represents the newest developments based on more than 150 years of experience in the pump industry.
DESMI provide customised solutions with a good economy and pumps guaranteed to be durable and to last a long time. 
Our nationwide service centres carry out repairs and servicing on all types of pumps and makes, and are available around the clock.

DVI – Dansk Varmepumpe Industri A/S
DVI has been one of the pioneers in geothermal heating and heating pumps with more than 35 years of experience with Danish-produced heating pumps. Dansk Varmepumpe Industri A/S – DVI for short – produces to order, and is specialised in customised geothermal and air/water heating pumps for private, public, and business markets. DVI is known for supplying systems of the highest quality and great flexibility in customised solutions. As a Danish manufacturer, DVI has access to the most skilled specialist in product development of systems as well as testing and selection of the best components the market has to offer. DVI – Heating with passion.

EC Power
Combined power plants has been used in Denmark since the 1950s. This has given Denmark an incredible knowledge and set of skills within this area. EC Power was founded in 1996 by Danish engineers with many years of experience. One of EC Power’s goals is to use primary sources of energy as efficient as possible to cover the ever-increasing power usage in an environmental and financial safe manner.
EC POWER is one of the leading manufacturers of CHPs in Europe in the class between 6 and 20 kWel. CHPs from EC POWER are available in more than 10 European countries today.

EMD International A/S
EMD is a software company that sells a range of dedicated IT tools for district heating plants and decentralised combined heating plants within technical/economical analyses and optimisation, budget planning, as well as the planning of the plants’ bidding in the electrical market.

Energi Danmark
Energi Danmark is one of Denmark’s leading energy trading concerns with activities within physical and financial electricity trading, CO2-trading, gas and wind energy trading, as well as currency hedging and portfolio management. 
We sell electricity to business and public customers and buy electricity from decentralised combined heating plants, and from wind turbines.
We supply electricity for the entire Northern Europe, which is why your company can purchase electricity and energy for all its nordic branches in one place. We offer professional counselling and risk management through Energi Danmark and our subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Energy Service

Denmark’s Leading Automation Provider
Frontmatec is Denmark’s leading automation provider with more than 30 years of experience in automation, SCADA, and MES. We offer our customers specialist knowledge and customised solutions, which are garantueed to optimise both processes and bottom lines.
Frontmatec is a result of the fusion between Dansk Styringsautomatik og BV Electronics. The fusion has gathered 100 of the most skilled programmers, solution architects, and project managers in one company.

Görlitz Lukia A/S
Green energy needs information technology to move from the producer to the consumer. Görlitz Lukia A/S is an engineering company specialised in smart grid solutions for energy and consumption (power, water, heating, and gas). Görlitz Lukia’s systems can be used with any software solution and measuring system making them fully integrable at all utility companies allowing room for choices of the past and projects of the future.
Görlitz Lukia is a part of the Görlitz-concern with branches all over Europe that all are providing solutions for utility companies.

Hydro-X A/S
Hydro-X A/S is Denmark’s leading water treatment company that distributes products for steam plants, solar plants, district, and centralised heating plants, as well as opened and closed cooling systems. Within these areas, HYDRO-X works with chemicals, servicing, counselling, filtration, softening, flue gas cleaning, and neutralisation, as well as systems dosage monitoring.

Industrivarme A/S
IINDUSTRIVARME is a modern industrial company which helps set and raise the bar for energy systems. With more than 25 years of experience and a wide range of products, INDUSTRIVARME covers the need for high-quality energy systems for the industrial market and utility companies including, e.g. district and combined heating plants, market gardeners, and industrial manufacturers.

Innoterm A/S

Inopower A/S
Inopower is a leading supplier of Power Grid balancing systems in Denmark. Inopower provides an intelligent, reliable remote control solution for balancing of Power Grids based on Distributed Power Generation.
Inopower systems are converting decentralized generation/controllable load to valuable balancing resources for the TSO’s and Balancing Responsible Parties (BRP) in Power Grids. Inopower systems are supplying the vital link between power generation/controllable load assets and the Power Grid.

Intego A/S

Through many years, IN-Therm A/S has specialised in counselling about and dimensioning of heat exchangers for all energy purposes and represent the Swedish heat exchanger manufacturers SWEP International AB and Tranter International AB.
For proposals and offers, please contact us at telephone no. +45 86 93 36 33 or by e-mail

Isoplus offers complete systems for district heating as well as technical guidance through all project stages. We supply customised solutions and special products. Our service department helps with installation and renovating joints as well as installing and renovating alarm systems. 
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and our products are EHP certified.

Jysk Kranservice ApS
Jysk Kranservice ApS is a solution-oriented service company that offers sales, service, and repairs of different types of cranes, pulleys, and lift tables and other lifting equipment. The company distributes cranes from French manufacturer ADC. 
The employees at Jysk Kranservice are an experienced team with each employee having been in the business for more than 20 years.

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of energy and water metering solutions. Our solutions support utilities and are also applied in properties with individual metering.  For 70 years, we have delivered reliable, cost-effective ways to measure and manage energy and water consumption worldwide. By anticipating our customers’ challenges, we enable them to run a better business and inspire smarter, more responsible solutions for the communities they serve.
Our solutions include consumption meters, smart metering systems, hosting and services, analytics, and smart grid applications. All products are produced with the highest certifications for environmental safety and quality in our automated production facilities in Denmark.

Kemp & Lauritzen
Denmark’s largest technical installation company with over 2,000 employees – both engineers, contract managers, technicians and engine fitters. The company’s core competencies are within all technical fields and they offer all types of technical solutions across disciplines.

Klimadan was founded in 1980 under the name KH nordtherm as a result of the energy crisis having started the development of efficient heating pumps for geothermal heating systems. The technology made it possible to use the excess heat from animal stables, and under the slogan ‘let the animals heat the house’, business was developing.
Through the 1980s and 1990s, the solutions from KH nordtherm became widely respected due to the company’s development of its own heating pumps which were primarily used for agricultural energy solutions.
In the summer of 2007, KH nordtherm was bought by Danfoss, but due to their new strategy (Core & Clear), Danfoss chose to sell the company again in 2010. This time under the names of Klimadan and KH nordtherm. Klimadan was focused on the distributor network, while KH nordtherm focused on the consumers.
On November 1st 2012 the new GREEN IMPACT strategy was launched. Because of this strategy, the management along with the board have decided that the company now only will be known as Klimadan.

KT Elektric Aalborg A/S
KT Elektric is a professional electrical installation company that was founded in 1968 by Kurdahl & Thomsen.
The company’s key business areas are servicing, automation, industry, installation, communication, low current and new build projects, as well as larger electrical contracting jobs all over Denmark.
As a supplier of complete solutions in both high and low currents, our specialised installers and technicians can handle all types of electrical installations for industrial and professional clients as well as public or private installations.

Lemvigh-Müller is a company that has been developing since 1846. Today, we are Denmark’s largest distributor of steel and technical products with 1,300 employees and a yearly turnover of around 4.5 bn DKK.
Through our two main areas of business – technical products as well as steel and metal – we can cover a very large part of the products needs within Danish industry, construction, and technical installations.

LOGSTOR is the world’s leading manufacturer of preinsulated pipe systems for district heating and cooling, for oil and gas pipes, for cooling and processing industries, and for the marine sector. We have more than 40 years of know-how and experience with preinsulating pipes and components for systems, and through all these years our focus has been on securing the supply to and the energy efficiency in our customers’ systems.
Preinsulated piping systems from LOGSTOR have a unique, efficient insulation that is specifically designed to keep the energy loss from district heating and cooling systems as low as possible.

Lundsby Bioenergi A/S
Lundsby Industri A/S was founded in 1987 by Erik Lundsby Andreasen. Since 1995, Lundsby has developed and constructed biogas facilities. In 1999, this business area was moved to its own separate company, Lundsby Bioenergi A/S, which is also fully owned by Erik Lundsby Andreasen. The company constructs turnkey biogas facilities.

Mammoet Wind A/S
For customers throughout the world, Mammoet Wind A/S delivers turnkey solutions as well as transport and logistics solutions, crane work, mechanical and electrical installations in wind turbines and also offers servicing and maintenance.

Mariendal Electrics
As one of the largest installation companies in North Denmark, Mariendal is known as a competent partner in electronics, IT, security, energy technology, and automation.
We see ourselves as being on the forefront of the major changes that have happened from being a traditional electronics installer to a complete provider of integrated technical solutions. A development that will certainly continue in the years to come – and we are planning on staying ahead.

Neas Energy
Neas Energy is an independent international energy asset management company with activities in power, gas, and related commodity markets throughout Europe.

A successful Danish business model has delivered an impressive growth over several years and means that Neas Energy is among the market leaders Scandinavia in trading and managing the sectors below:
  •  Combined power plants
  •  Wind power
  •  Energy companies
  •  Utility companies
Our strategy is to establish physical power and gas trading in all major European energy markets.

Neogrid Technologies
Neogrid Technologies develops solutions for aggregating and activating flexible power consumption in the electricity markets, while simultaneously ensuring a more intelligent use of energy, benefitting the participants in the electricity market and the consumers.
This is done by connecting the power grid, the electricity markets and the consumers through innovative IT solutions.

NKI Kloak- & industriservice A/S
NKI A/S is a sewerage maintenance and industrial company that for more than 20 years has serviced private, public and business clients with a wide range of tasks within sewerage maintenance and industrial cleaning. Efficient material combined with our skilled and experienced staff allow us to guarantee our customers quick and efficient service that reduces service time to an absolute minimum on, e.g. industrial systems, heating plants, and other production facilities. – No task is too big or too small – 

Heat exchanger cleaning
With a robot, revolving nozzles, and high-pressure water up to 1000 bar, we quickly and consistently clean the pipes – up to 4 at a time – in your heat exchangers and chimneys. We open the exchangers, clean them, close them, and after we are done cleaning we can deliver the wastewater at an authorised treatment plant, where the plant later will receive documentation for correct handling. All necessary equipment is packed on a truck, ready to perform any cleaning task at very short notice. This reduces the service time to an absolute minimum, and the plant will in short time be running again. After the cleaning, the pipes will be completely clean and any residue will be gone to make the exchangers run as efficiently as possible again. With the constant expansion of existing combined heating plants, as well as the contruction of new plants, the need for maintenance of the machines and equipment at the plants is increasing. The heat exchangers in particularly are in need of regular maintenance.

Suction of dried sludge
When it comes to areas that are difficult accessible, the mammoth suction machine is the right choice. The machine is used in places, where traditional methods such as conveyor belts, mini-containers, shovel trucks, and manual labour were previously used. 

Additional tasks also performed by us:
• Contracting 
• TV inspection 
• Tank cleaning 
• Industrial service 
• Sand-cleaning
• Sweeping / area cleaning

NORDHEAT handles project proposals, development and implementation of solutions for bioenergy plants, where we contribute skills and the best technologies of today. We work together with the top Scandinavian producers and sub-suppliers in an industry where know-how and quality is crucial to all of us.
Plants are designed in close dialogue with the customer allowing us to deliver the optimal solution that meets our clients’ expectations. NORDHEAT’s concept also include competent and efficient service after delivery. We deal directly with the end-user or through intermediaries.
We want to be recognised as a company that understands its customers’ needs and that deliver a quality product with the agreed specification at the agreed time, and not least at the agreed price. We always commence our projects from the customer’s needs. Our goal is to be the preferred company with a green profile that delivers sustainable products based on biofuel and the latest technology.

Nordic Energy Group
Nordic Energy Group is specialised in producing beautiful roof and facade-integrated solar panels. Our solar panels are made according to our customers’ needs. Also, we make a unique Combi-heating system that combines geothermal heating and solar heating with a possibility for connecting ventilation and cooling.
With a Combi-heating system, we ensure low running costs. According to DTU, the energy consumption of the Combi-heating system is between 33-38 % lower than traditional geothermal systems.

Nordland Automatic A/S
Nordland Automatic is a company with long-term experience in industrial systems. The systems are constantly updated in terms of any new demands or conditions in or outside the customer’s company. The company develops customised systems as well as many types of standard systems.
We are specialised in:
▪ Robotic solutions
▪ PLC controllers and process monitoring
▪ Control and distribution panels
▪ Weighing and dosage systems
▪ Sorting systems
▪ Pneumatic and hydraulics systems
▪ Machine controls
▪ Vision systems
▪ Database and software development
▪ Solar cell systems
▪ Energy optimisation

OE3i ApS
OOE3i has developed software for energy planning and optimisation since 1986. Our customers often describe our software with words such as innovation, intelligence and intuition, and combined with Optimized Energy, it makes up our name OE3i.

We develop solutions in 3 different categories:
Mentor Planner 
Mentor Mediator 
Mentor Forecast

These categories represent solutions for district heating companies, heating and combined heating plants, companies, companies with production balance responsibility and companies that own or run a portfolio of production units.

Have since 1979 designed, produced, and installed:

  • Handfired boilers for straw, wood, coal, etc. from 22 – 250 kW.
  • Production of automatic fired boilers for straw, woodchips, shavings, sawdust, woodpellets, coal, as well as grain and grainwaste.
  • Design and installation of complete combustion/heating plants  from 10 – 6500 kW for biomass with moisture content up to 55 %.

REKA has further been involved in research and development of the following areas:

  • Combined heat and power plants using woodchips directly on a Stirling engine, which is an motor with an electric generator.
  • Fluegas cleaning using inhouse developed compact electrostatic precipitator.
  • REKA has continued focus on improving the existing boilers and broadening of the types of fuel the boilers can use. This entails supplying boilers for testing at designated and approved test sites.

Salling Plast
We have many skills in the following areas:
· District heating (joints, T-sections, insulated fittings)
· Industrial (insulating PEH-pipes, stainless pipes, copper pipes)
· PEH-pressure pipes (bends, T-sections, reductions,  special components)
· PEH-sheet processing (milling objects)

ScandiWood A/S
ScandiWood A/S Danmark is a company in North Denmark that since its beginning in 1987 has worked on – through lumber yards and DIY centres – supplying contractors and private users with glulam sheets in various types of wood and shapes.
Today, ScandiWood has one of the widest product ranges in the business in solid glulam, table tops, shelves, strips, and window sills. Standard products are delivered from day to day.

Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy optimization and management. We are dedicated to helping people and organization to make the most of their energy. Our products and solutions can reduce energy consumption in these areas by up to 30%.


Serenergy A/S
Serenergy designs, produces, and sells fuel cell stacks and power supplies for system integrations. The company is a leading supplier of fuel cell modules based on carbon monoxide and sulfur-resistant high-temperature PEM technology.
Serenergy was founded in 2006 by leading scientists from the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University. Our state-of-the-art product line Serenus is a particularly competitive product based on newly-patented technology.

Soft & Teknik A/S
At Soft & Teknik, we focus on development and implementation, but we know that it is the day to day management that matters most to our customers. This is why we prefer to implement new solutions together with the customer’s own electrician. Soft & Teknik’s strength is our practical approach. We develop solutions and concepts, but we also build the products and get them running. Through this approach, we have learned the practical and physical considerations that needs to be made to make a solution work as best as possible. Our goal is to optimise handling and processes.

Strøm Hansen A/S
Strøm Hansen is a nationwide supplier of automation and installation that produces high-tech advanced power and systems solutions for Nordic companies. Our departments in Nørresundby, Aarhus, Vejle, and Rødovre employ 180 people today, and our primary business areas are: Automation and Industrial IT, Distribution boards, Maintenance, Airport, Traffic management, Enterprise, Alarm systems, and Solar cells. Our carefully selected employees each have their own speciality and as a group they are a strong and knowledgable team, who always gives our customers the best solution at the best price.

SystemTeknik A/S
SystemTeknik A/S is a modern company based in North Denmark that sells, plans, and produces solutions within controlling systems and power distribution, software development, and SRO and SCADA systems. Also, the company sells automation components and services.
SystemTeknik A/S is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of electrical panel solutions. We have reached this position by always focusing on a high level of quality in large projects for demanding industries as well as jobs for more traditional industrial and OEM clients.

Thermaflex Nordic
Thermaflex Nordic sells Thermaflex products and isolated piping systems to the Nordic market. Thermaflex is a worldwide Dutch concern and offers pipes to the entire industry within mounting or distribution of heat and cooling, and alternative energy systems that needs effective isolation.

Twinheat is a leader in developing and manufacturing of biofuel burner systems for home and industry. The systems range from 10-250 kW. All Twinheat systems have been tested and approved in accordance with DS/EN 303-5 on fuel types: wood pellets, wood chips, and grains. They are all CO2 neutral. Twinheat offer a mobile boiler system solution which can be connected to the existing heating system. All that is required is space for the mobile unit, and silo and appropriate entries to the water and electrical connections.

Varmekontrol A/S
Since 1958, VARMEKONTROL has worked with water usage accounting all over the country for housing associations, home owner associations, and companies.
Since 2006, VARMEKONTROL has been a part of ista Danmark A/S, which again is a part of ista International GmbH. ista is the leading manufacturer of all types of water and heating meters in Europe. Also, ista’s products are a perfect match for VARMEKONTROL’s demands in terms of quality and flexibility, and of course also the authorities’ demands for type approval.

VVS-Tech is a certified plumbing, heating, and sanitation contractor with a documented quality system and a team of skilled employees with a great knowledge of the industry.
VVS-Tech supplies efficient, stable, and economical units that gives its customers optimal capacity and power. These units include large gas boilers, ventilation systems, pumps, and more for all types of industrial clients from small workshops to large industrial companies.

Weishaupt’s service is always there, when you need it – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Weishaupt is an internationally leading company within burners, heating systems, and condensated boilers, solar panel technology, heating pumps and building automation. 

Here are some facts:
· The Weishaupt Group employs around 3,000 people around the world.
· Almost 1,000 are based at the head office in Schwendi.
· Weishaupt’s research and development centre in Schwendi is about 2,800 m2.
· The test rigs cover an enormous effect range between 10 kW and 20,000 kW.
· There are 20 subsidiaries connected to the Weishaupt Group.
· Weishaupt has representatives and agents in 39 countries.
· With its stable products, Weishaupt reaches a yearly turnover of around 460 million Euros.
· Weishaupt’s service network operates 24 hours  day, 365 days a year.

WEISS plans, constructs, and installs combustion power plants for biofuel. Our plants provide power from 1,000 kW up to 30 MW. We deliver all over Europe. We prefer to be involved in a close dialogue from the initial planning stage to allow our many years of experience to really benefit your solution.

Xergi A/S
Xergi A/S is specialised in biogas – from technology development to the delivery of turnkey plants. We help our customers develop their project from thought to a finished operating plant. We design the plant and handle purchase and construction.
With more than 20 years of experience in the biogas industry, Xergi has the required knowledge. Through the years, we have delivered a range of different technical solutions based on the idea of maximum usage of biomass energy.

Aalborg CSP A/S
After several years on the export market supplying boilers for large solar power plants, Aalborg CSP has developed a CSP solar heating plant for producing green district heating.
CSP solar heating plants consist of parabolic troughs covered in mirrors. The mirrors reflect and concentrate the sunrays on a pipe at the focus of the trough. The solar energy heats the water in the pipe to 160 °C, after which it is pumped directly or indirectly into the district heating grid. The plants vary in sizes between 1 MW and 30 MW according to the customer’s demands.

Aalborg Energie Technik A/S
Aalborg Energie Technik A/S (AET) is an engineering company that supplies and services biomass boilers and turnkey combined power plants in a range between 25 – 170 MWth.
AET helps our clients achieve a profitable business through high efficiency, a high level of availability, low emissions, low maintenance costs, and most of all a well-functioning plant.



Adding is an engineering firm that handles both electrical and mechanical tasks. They are specialised in the planning of energy systems and do everything from overall project management to detail-engineering and startup. The tasks are always carried out in close cooperation with the client, and Adding’s representatives are usually a part of the client’s organisation in the project period and perform the tasks at the client’s office.
Adding sees itself as a ressource that can deliver added value to companies that need an experienced engineer to solve a specific challenge that can add value to the company for a long time. 

COWI is a leading consultancy firm, creating value for clients, citizens, and the community through our unique 360°-solutions. With world class experts in engineering, environment, and socio-economics, we take on the challenges from many different angles to create more cohesive solutions for our clients.
With offices across the world, we draw upon our global presence and local knowledge, when solving projects around the world – big and small. At any time, we are involved in more than 17,000 projects.

DANINCO ApS is a consulting engineering company specialised in sustainable energy, testing, and documenting equipment and production systems, as well as developing management systems in quality, environment, and working environment.
We perform idea and project development as well as planning and execution of projects. We have a vast experience in validating projects and products including large machine systems.

District Energy Venture
Devcco is a private independent company. The purpose is to develop projects and to provide services in the district energy industry globally. The founding partners have in their previous engagements been in the forefront of developing district energy systems in Sweden and internationally. The company improves, develops, and creates district energy businesses.

Techno-economic optimization modeling, energy systems design and analysis, and software development are our primary areas of excellence.

But we also believe that energy modeling without capacity building is no pretty model at all. Considering that every country and every client is unique, we are dedicated to analyzing energy systems in context, while producing value awareness and inclusive skills driven by case-in-demand. Our aim is to make ourselves dispensable. 

JLJ Consult 

JPH Energi A/S
JPH has 19 experienced employees and has been a consultant in the district heating industry for more than 25 years.
We have a lot of experience in:
  • Consulting, planning, and project design and energy systems.
  • Designing and dimensioning buildings, and all types of installations.
  • Project applications and socioeconomical calculations.
  • Energy labelling, condition assessments, and housing inspections.
We perform these tasks in Denmark, Greenland, England, and the United States among others.

In LandboNord, we work on creating knowledge, value, and growth for the agricultural industry and other small and medium-sized businesses. LandboNord offers impartial consulting and services at a high cross-functional level.
LandboNord offers impartial consulting and services at a high cross-functional level within Business Economics, Taxes and Accounts, Environmental issues, Organics, Plant production, Cattle, Pigs, Rural districts, Construction, Law and Property, as well as HR and Management.
LandboNord has more than 6,000 clients across the country. We have 200 employees at our two centres in Brønderslev and Fjerritslev. LandboNord is a partner in Dansk Landbrugsrådgivning – a cross-functional cooperation between 3,500 participants nationwide.


Miljø- og vognmandskonsulenten
Miljø- og vognmandskonsulenten offers professional counselling, project management, and assistance for contracting and carrier companies on an administrative level. Also, everything in environment, haulage planning, tenders, sales and marketing, HR, working environment, and security.

MRINetwork Lohbus Search Group
MRINetwork Lohbus Search Group is a personel and recruiting company specialised in recruiting executives and specialists as well as search, evaluation and other HR services, primarily for the energy sector. We aim to be the preferred recruiting partner for both clients and candidates by matching the best candidates with attractive job opportunities, enabling both people and organisations to reach their goals. We dedicate our work to achieving higher individual, social, and business results. It is our mission to identify, develop, and match the best candidates with the most attractive job opportunities within the energy sector. Besides recruiting services, MRINetwork Lohbus Search Group also offers complementary services such as job search advertisements, personal profiling analyses, background checks, database searchs, educational control, recruitment process consultancy, interviews, reference checks, replacements, career advisory, and salary and business analyses.

NIRAS is a leading, national consultant within energy and district heating. In the Northern region of Denmark, we have around 150 specialists in offices in Aalborg, Hjørring, and Frederikshavn. We always work cross-functionally and always put together the team of specialists that can solve our clients’ challenges.
The NIRAS Group is an international consulting firm with activities in construction and industry, infrastructure, utilities and environment, climate and energy, planning, management and informatics, as well as nature and development aid. NIRAS’ primary markets are Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia, as well as Great Britain with subsidiaries and offices in another 14 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. NIRAS’ turnover in 2010 was 1 bil. DKK and the company employs more than 1,300 people.

Plan & Projekt A/S
Plan & Projekt A/S is an independent consulting engineering firm specialised in the energy sector. The firm was established in 1989 and has since carried out a number of assignments in the energy sector on the broadest sense. The tasks are performed for private and public energy companies and organisations, municipalities, regional authorities, government agencies, private companies, and international organisations.
Plan & Projekt draws upon an extensive, professional network, when working on specialist assignments that require skills outside the company’s key business areas.
For ‘classic’ energy tasks, production plants, distribution systems, exchanging systems and heat accumulation, Plan & Projekt performs all types of engineering tasks, client consultancy, planning, tenders and overall project management.
Also, the company offers technical and financial analyses when setting up and expanding district heating systems as well as strategic and operational plans, including strategies for new establishments and renovations, pace of development, customer care, financing, rate setting and more. 

We offer consultancy for fuel purchase, selling of electricity, entering service contracts as well as purchasing of heat from industrial and CHP companies.
Plan & Projekt wants to develop a good relationship to their clients – relationships that, combined with the company’s own knowledge and experience, ensures a committed, responsible and highly professional solution of all tasks.

PlanEnergi is specialised in developing and establishing customised eco-friendly solution within sustainable energy, rational energy usage, and energy planning.
PlanEnergi was founded in 1983 and is an independent consulting firm. Corporate form: Self-governing institution run as a non-profit organisation.
Purpose: The purpose of the institution is to promote the usage of resource saving and eco-friendly systems.
Management: The board consists of 5 members.
Numbers of employees as of 2011: 24
Turnover 2010: 15 mil. DKK 

PlanEnergi is among the leaders in offering lead consultancy services within energy supply and energy planning, and consists of a versatile, well-qualified staff with skills in sustainable energy and efficient energy usage.

PlanEnergi offers consulting services within:

  • Energy planning, heat planning and wind turbine planning.
  • Decentralised CHP.
  • District heating supply with sustainable energy.
  • Biogas – planning, design, and consultancy.
  • Solar thermal energy – communal systems and seasonal storages, as well as certification,
  • Wind energy – planning, mapping, visualisation, and layout of wind farms.

PlanEnergi is the obvious partner wherever a sustainable energy supply is wanted. PlanEnergi works both in Denmark and internationally.

Process Engineering A/S
Process Engineering A/S is a consulting engineering firm within the processing industry with its main office in Fredericia and departments in Aalborg, Aarhus, Sorø and Brøndby.

Our staff is highly qualified and very experienced in district heating plant, combined power plants, biogas plants, and similar areas.
Our main competencies are:
· Pipe design according to standards.
· Stress analyses for piping systems.
· Container calculations.
· Pressure tanks calculations.
· Steel constructions.
· Project management.
· Authorisations and documentation.
· CE-approval and ATEX zone classification.

· Technical assistance regarding drawings and similar.

We work from our offices, or are based at the client if that is the optimal solution for solving the task.

Rambøll A/S
At Rambøll Energy, we work with energy solutions that are longterm, cost-efficient, and practical. As consulting engineers, we aim to support a sustainable development and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. Rambøll Energy is a leading international adviser within wind energy and waste incineration and leads the way on the Nordic market within district heating, major power plants, and bioenergy. We offer consultancy for the entire energy area right from where the political decisions are made to where the energy is used. Our projects include the entire chain from energy strategies and planning to production and transmission systems. In total, Rambøll Energy has 410 employees in offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

R&R Consult
Thermo & Fluid Mechanics Engineering. 

We are specialized in the following areas:
• Oil combustion modeling
• CFD calculations within power plants
• Modeling of systems with heat transfer and/or phase change
• General flow distribution optimization

Skelmose Consulting A/S

TofKo Business Development A/S
Since 1987, TofKo Business Development A/S has been consultants for small and medium-sized companies in the North Denmark Region, focusing on creating growth, survivability and development. We are specialised in all aspects of international trade and marketing with our own trade and engineering house. TofKo Business Development offers consultancy in a wide range of areas – though our primary focus is on sales and market analyses.

AAEN Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S
AAEN Rådgivende Ingeniører handles climate, energy and environmental projects. Our portfolio includes both traditional engineering services that is the basis for all planning and development projects as well as specialised services based in the company’s many years of experience with alternative energy and project development abroad.

All our activities relate to our overall vision: 
”To develop the green infrastructure of the future”
Our work includes:
• Energy efficiency improvement and savings
• Developing, renovating and modelling district heating networks
• Converting natural gas areas to district heating
• Implementing carbon neutral energy ressources in district heating, such as:
        – Biomass boiler systems
        – Biomass gasification for CHP 
        – Biogas production
        – Gas systems for waste disposal sites
        – Solar heating systems
        – District cooling systems
        – Geothermal energy
• Carbon credit trading and co-financing og projects, including developing, establishing, and administrating climate projects abroad 
• Carbon footprint calculations and validation


Agersted Varmeværk

Arden Varmeværk

Aaså Fjernvarme

Bedsted Fjernvarme

Blenstrup Kraftvarmeværk A.M.B.A.

Brovst Fjernvarme Andelsselskab

Brønderslev Forsyning A/S

Dronninglund Fjernvarmeværk A.M.B.A.

Dueholm Fjernvarme

Farstrup-Kølby kraftvarmeværk

Fjerritslev Fjernvarmeværk

Flauenskjold Fjernvarme

Frederikshavn Forsyning

Frøstrup Fjernvarme

Gjøl Private Kraftvarmeværk A.M.B.A

Hadsund By’s Fjernvarmeværk A.M.B.A

Hallund Kraftvarmeværk

Halvrimmen-Arentsminde Kraftvarmeværk

Hanstholm Varmeværk

Hjallerup Varmeforsyning A.M.B.A.

Hjørring Varmeforsyning A M B A

Hobro Varmeværk A.M.B.A.

Hou Kraftvarmeværk AMBA

Hurup Fjernvarme

Hørby Varmeværk

Jerslev Kraftvarmeværk 
Today, Jerslev Kraftvarmeværk produces both power and heat for around 400 customers.
The yearly production is around 9,100 MWh of heat and around 8,200 MWh of power.
The electricity is sold on the electricity market on a daily basis by NEAS Energy.
The heating plant opened on October 1st, 1959 with 30 consumers and two oil-powered boilers. On October 1st 1987, natural gas was installed, and on October 1st 1993, the plant was changed completely, and 3 gas-powered Jenbacher engines of 736 kw each were installed to produce both heat and electricity.

Jetsmark Energiværk A.M.B.A.

Klitmøller Kraftvarmeværk A.M.B.A.

Kongerslev Fjernvarmeværk A.M.B.A.

Løgstør Fjernvarmeværk 
Løgstør Fjernvarme is a modern heating plant, supplying heat for around 2,440 homes – 1,890 in Løgstør, 100 in Vindblæs and 450 in Ranum.
The plant also administrates Løgstør Vand Amba., Vindblæs Vand Amba. and Engelstrup Vand I/S – three local water utility companies.

Manna-Thise Kraftvarmeværk

Nibe Varmeværk A.M.B.A.

Nr. Nissum Kraftvarme A.M.B.A.

Nykøbing Mors Fjernvarmeværk A.M.B.A.

Oue Kraftvarmeværk A.M.B.A.

Saltum Fjernvarme A.M.B.A

Sdr. Herreds Kraftvarmeværker

Skagen Varmeværk

Skovsgaard Varmeværk

Skørping Varmeværk A.M.B.A.

Snedsted Varmeværk

Strandby Varmeværk A.M.B.A.

Støvring Kraftvarmeværk A.M.B.A.

Sæby Varmeværk A.M.B.A

Terndrup Fjernvarme A.M.B.A

Thisted Varmeforsyning A.M.B.A.

Tranum Varmeværk

V. Hjermitslev Varmeværk

Vattenfall A/S Nordjyllandsværket

Vesløs Fjernvarmeværk

Vestervig Fjernvarme

Viborg Fjernvarme

Vorupør Kraftvarmeværk

Øland Kraftvarmeværk A.M.B.A. 

Øster Brønderslev Fjernvarmeværk

Østerild Fjernvarme

Aabybro Fjernvarmeværk
Aabybro Fjernvarmeværk AmbA was founded in 1958 and at its completion in central Aabybro had 32 users. As the plant continued to grow, this location became too small, and in 1986 a new combined straw and wood chip plant was built at Industrivej.
In 2000, the straw was phased out, meaning that today the heat for the 1,775 consumers is produced by two wood chip boilers, as well as two natural gas boilers for peak and emergency use.

Aalborg Heating A/S
Aalborg Heating A/S supplies district heat for consumers in the Aalborg area. In total, there are more than 33,000 heat meters in this area, consisting of private houses, flats, and companies. More than 98 % of all homes in the central distribution area are connected to the district heating system.
The homes and companies of Aalborg are supplied with gas and heat and have their waste removed. This is done through Aalborg Forsyning:

· Aalborg Supply, Gas
· Aalborg Heating
· Aalborg Supply, Waste Management 

Also, we supply water and remove wastewater in the entire municipality. 

Aars Fjernvarme


Blue Planet Innovation
Blue Planet Innovation – also known as BPI – is a subsidiary to the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture. BPI develops new solutions for energy production and work with sustainable innovation as well as implementing sustainable business models based on extensive technical knowledge and the best technology.
The basis is the agricultural resources and opportunities to join new business models and concepts for the development of bioenergy.

Business Region North Denmark

Brønderslev Municipality
Development and Planning (D & P) is a staff function under the city manager. Based in the overall vision of the municipality, D & P is responsible for promoting and supporting new initiatives – both internally and externally – based on the municipality’s overall vision it is U and P’s task to promote and support new initiatives  both internally and externally – with a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach that ensures cohesion, collaboration, responsiveness, and openness.
D & P’s tasks can be categorised into 3 sections:
• Planning
• Communication
• Project and development tasks

BusinessAalborg offers your company valuable guidance and knowledge that can help ensure growth, increased turnover, and more jobs.
BusinessAalborg wants to encourage businesses to take part in innovative network and growth clusters to strengthen the companies’ ability to adapt and compete. We are more than willing to help interested companies in finding relevant collaborators.
At BusinessAalborg, we also help entrepreneurs in making informed decisions when starting new businesses. In short, we offer a wide range of services that can aid business development in the third largest municipality in Denmark.

The Danish Trade Council 
The Trade Council is the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that helps privately owned companies with export, internationalisation and foreign investment.
The work of the Trade Council helps Danish exporters to the best possible conditions to do well against international competition and to make foreign companies establish themselves in Denmark.

Danish District Heating Association
The Danish District Heating Association is the trade organisation for 405 district heating plants across the nation. Of these members, around 40 are municipal utility companies that deliver around 50% of the district heat. Around 350 are cooperative societies that deliver just under half of the heating supply. There are about 10 privately-owned companies that only supply a small percentage of the district heating used in Denmark.
The Danish District Heating Association was founded in 1957 under the name the Society of Danish District Heating Plants to represent the interests of the district heating plants and also organise the collaboration between plants. Today, the Danish District Heating Association also manages the relationship with the authorities and collaborates with other organisations within the energy sector.

Danish District Heating Development Center
The Danish District Heating Development Center is based on a groundbreaking collaboration between district heating plants, educational institutions, and companies. Our purpose is to bring the district heating industry together in an effort that is to ensure that Danish district heating is still world-leading in 10, 20, and 30 years.

Our task is to link companies, district heating plants, and knowledge institutions in the effort to create a vibrant and dynamic research and development environment within district heating.


Frederikshavn Municipality

Hjørring Municipality

Jammerbugt Municipality, Tech. Serv. and Utilities
The Department of Technical Services and Utilities handles the administration and planning of the different utilities: heat, emergency, and waste disposal, and also administrates the harbours of the municipality and public transport.
The department also administrates and plans the roads and public buildings of the municipality and handles some project planning within roads and construction.

Mariagerfjord  Municipality

Morsø Municipality
Morsø Municipality consists of the island of Mors – the largest island in the Limfjord.
Morsø Municipality remained independent after the municipal reform of 2007 after which it became part of the Northern region of Denmark. With more than 22,000 inhabitants, it is one of the smallest municipalities in Denmark. Agriculture and industry are the biggest vocations on the island.

Qvist Executive Search
Qvist Executive Search is a national headhunting business with expertise in recruitment at board, management, functional management and specialist level. They have in-depth knowledge of virtually all types of industries and areas of function in Danish companies and organisations.
Qvist Executive Search’s clients include listed companies, large, medium-sized and small businesses, as well as public organisations. Almost 90% of its clients return with new tasks.
Qvist Executive Search was founded in 2004 by Flemming Qvist based in a strong desire to develop new services in the Executive Search-area, enabling the company to be at the forefront of developments in society and business. After 14 years in the business as consultant, manager, and partner in two of the best-known Executive Search-companies in Denmark, Flemming Qvist felt that there was a great need for new approaches and solutions in the industry. In a recent customer survey, Qvist Executive Search is called innovative and business-orientated.
Qvist Executive Search has a large network of talented business partners abroad when handling international recruitment tasks.

Rebild Municipality, Building department

Regional Development
The role and misson of the North Denmark region is to be the catalyst for regional development and to create the platform for growth, welfare, and employment.
We are the authorised networks of the Northern region of Denmark. Through regional and national partnerships, we show the way to a strong and attractive North Denmark – with innovation, research, technology, and education as keywords.
We develop strategies, create collaborations, and take initiatives to turn a good intention into action. Among our focus areas are growth and promotion of trade, education, and development of competencies, culture and experiences as well as ground pollution and raw materials.

Thisted Municipality, Technical Administration
The Technical Administration consists of the Service & Facilities Department, Waste, and Nature & Environment. Also, the Technical Administration has a planning department that includes branches within business, construction, culture, and planning.

UCN Energy and Environment
The Centre of Applied Sciences for Energy and Environment is a competency centre under UCN (University College North Denmark). The purpose of the centre is to gather, share and communicate knowledge about Energy and Environment.

Focus areas that the centre focuses on:
· Collaboration in the energy supply system.
· Collaboration between low-energy construction and energy supply.
· Optimisation of the transport sector on land, at sea, and in the air.

The competency centre’s work is based on the collaboration between education, relevant research environments and the business community, and its task is to identify, gather, and communicate development-based knowledge about Energy and Environment in practice.

VE-Net, Teknologisk Institut

Vesthimmerland Municipality, Tech. & Envir.
We take care of the roads, children in traffic, nature, and the environment. We handle supervision and approvals, local planning, lot trading, and much more.

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Aalborg Municipality, Tech. and environment Services
Technical and Environmental Services are responsible for the physical surroundings for the life and activities of citizens and companies in the municipality of Aalborg. Technical and Environmental Services is divided into four branches of administration: Planning & Construction, Traffic & Roads, Parks & Nature, and Environment and a management secretariat. The contracting unit is affiliated as a result centre.

Aalborg University

Aalborg University, Dept. of Electronic Systems
Internationally acclaimed for its contribution to information and communication technology (ICT).
Research and teaching at the Department of Electronic Systems are focused on electronic engineering, and its activities are organised in five different sections. The department is also home to a number of large research centres.
The department is focused on maintaining a strong cooperation with the university’s surroundings – locally, nationally and internationally – and to produce unique basic research and not least to educate talented and creative engineers.

Aalborg University, Dept. of Energy Tech.
The Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University conducts research within both thermal and electric energy technology with a focus on competencies such as electrical systems, output electronics, electrical machines, hydraulics, and thermal energy systems.
The department also offers PhD programmes, and educations at bachelor and master levels.
The department collaborates with Danish and foreign companies, public institutions and knowledge institutions about both research and education.
It is the ambition of the institute to always expand and increase its collaborations, and the emphasis is on knowledge-sharing with collaborators with a focus on the development of new technologies. The department has facilities in both Aalborg and Esbjerg.

Aalborg University, Dept of Planning
The Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University conducts research within both thermal and electric energy technology with a focus on competencies such as electrical systems, output electronics, electrical machines, hydraulics, and thermal energy systems.
The department also offers PhD programmes and educations at bachelor and master levels.
The department collaborates with Danish and foreign companies, public institutions and knowledge institutions about both research and education.
It is the ambition of the institute to always expand and increase its collaborations, and the emphasis is on knowledge-sharing with collaborators with a focus on the development of new technologies. The department has facilities in both Aalborg and Esbjerg. 


Hanne Skovby
Project Manager
Cell: +45 2520 1586

Line Bay-Jensen
Project Coordinator
Direct: +45 9931 1568